Why Sugar’s Bad For You

One thing can be said about the American diet. It’s loaded with mounds and mounds of sugar. Foods you wouldn’t even expect to be a culprit have tons and tons of the stuff. Even the condiments we purchase are sweetened with sugar. So how do we avoid it? By only eating raw foods that have no added ingredients. Then there’s no way one of those added ingredients could be sugar. Before you cut the sugar out of your life, you might want to know why it’s so important to avoid.

Sugar Has No Essential Nutrientsimage

Sugar only has energy. There are no nutrients in it to help your body function. Which is fine if you’re only eating a little sugar, or the sugar that naturally occurs in something that’s filled with nutrients. Like fruit. But Americans are eating a lot more sugar than anything else. Which is leading to vitamin deficiencies.

It’s Bad For Your Teeth

Boy eating large chocolate bar

Your dentist loves sugar. It has been bringing him a lot of business over the years. Sugar helps to create dental problems by supplying bad bacteria with energy. This bad bacteria can in-turn create cavities. If the cavity is left unchecked, it can even create a more severe problem like a root canal.

It’s Responsible For Diabetes Type 2


As we consume more and more sugar, our body becomes less reactive to it. It’s used to the sugar in your blood stream. So your pancreas doesn’t create a bunch of insulin to balance it out. Insulin resistance is the cause of diabetes. If the sugar isn’t being devoured by insulin, it can stay in the blood stream and cause a whole world of problems. These problems are categorized as Type 2 Diabetes.

It Overloads The Liver


A little bit of fructose in the liver in healthy and normal. Our bodies get the stuff when we eat fruit. It is usually produced into energy when we need it. But for those of us who eat a bunch of sugary treats, we have a lot more fructose than our bodies need to produce energy. This fructose is taken to the liver where it is produced into fat. Having a lot of fat is hard on the heart. As our bodies need to pump blood through a lot of extra material. Plus, it can lead to having a fatty liver. Which can be responsible for liver failure.

It Can Cause Cancer


Insulin is a key ingredient when it comes to regulating cancer growth. Those who eat a high amount of sugar have insulin flooding from the pancreas until the pancreas just can’t make it anymore. Which leads to insulin resistance. Since insulin is key in regulating cancer growth, not having enough of it can make an individual more likely to suffer from cancer.

Stay Away From The Stuff

The best way to ward off these ill health effects is to stay away from excess levels of sugar. It’s okay to have a little now and then. But practicing a lot of moderation will be the key to keeping sugar related health concerns down.